Unlock your long-term career potential with FDM

We find tenacious people from diverse backgrounds who are determined to succeed. By providing initial and ongoing training, development, mentoring and assignments we help lead the way to the future you want.

No matter your background, degree or experience, we build exciting and non-linear career paths for you with access to accredited, industry-recognised qualifications and continuous support and development to upskill.

We offer skills development based on your strengths, behaviours, knowledge, and abilities – giving our clients a 360-degree view of what you bring to the table.

This means faster career growth, strategic placements and businesses thriving because of your impact.

Our practices

Join one of our five core practices and deliver consultancy services for our clients:

Software engineering

Data & analytics


Change & transformation


Risk, regulation & compliance


IT Ops


Our practices

Our five practices transform you into an experienced professional with skills across multiple capabilities, delivering maximum value to clients. Explore diverse roles and disciplines, gaining hands-on experience on innovative assignments for global companies.

Join a culture that builds careers, offering continuous development, mentoring, coaching, leadership, networking, and exciting client assignments.

With varied project periods, and some offering the opportunity of permanent roles, with our clients you’ll thrive in a dynamic environment.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond training. We’re dedicated to your continuous growth and career development. With personalised coaching and mentorship from seasoned professionals, our consultants become skilled communicators and leaders, adding value to clients from day one of deployment.

Meet Our Consultants

Maham Zaidi

Lead Consultant

John Smith 2

Lead Consultant

John Smith 3

Lead Consultant

John Smith 4

Lead Consultant

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