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5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to be Working in the Energy Sector

John Smith

Rising sea levels, melting ice caps, warmer summers, wildfires and flash flooding are just some of the worrying signs that climate change isn’t coming; it’s already here.  

Despite warnings from global leaders and scientists from all over the world, globally we are still very much behind target to keep global temperature rises below 2% unless we take decisive action to combat the negative impacts of climate change. With greenhouse gases at ‘a 4.5 million-year high’ and ‘one-third of the most precious habitats under threat’ there’s never been a more important or exciting time to pursue a career in the energy sector.

1. Time is running out – but it’s not too late to make a difference!

The recent COP26 conference offered hope that humanity will manage to prevent global temperatures rising by more than 2%, if countries make good on their promises made during the summit. 

There were also commitments made to move away from coal, one of the biggest contributors of global warming, with 190 nations making the pledge to reduce their investment in coal. This is the first time that fossil fuels have made it into a UN climate agreement, so it’s a significant step in the right direction. Decisive action taken now can help to change the path of history – and with a career in green energy, you could be part of it!

2. You can lay the foundations for future generations

In a recent study led by Bath University, almost 60% of young people surveyed said they felt very worried or extremely worried about climate change and ‘many of those questioned perceive that they have no future’.  Working in a role such as Environmental Policy Advisor, Renewable Energy Engineer or Sustainability Manager, you can bring about real change that can inspire future generations and safeguard our planet, for a much brighter, and hopeful future.

3. It’s an innovative industry so there’s never a dull moment

With ambitious targets to meet and no time to waste, there’s never a dull moment working in the energy sector. From solar panels and vertical gardens to electric cars and smart meters, innovation in the industry is never ending. If you’re got a passion for problem solving and a creative mind, why not consider a career in green technology? You never know, you could be at the forefront of the next game changing invention!

4. The industry is growing rapidly and jobs are in increasingly high demand 

It was reported that the number of clean energy jobs reached 12 million globally in 2020, and this is set to rise, so it’s a great time to pursue a career in renewable energy. 

Some of the fastest growing jobs include solar and wind energy, hydropower and biofuels, but you don’t have to have a STEM background to work in the energy sector. You could work in a Business Analyst or Project Manager role at an energy or infrastructure company, helping to direct budgets, coordinate projects, create efficiencies and analyse data to support new green initiatives.

5. There’s a new focus on diversity and inclusion within the sector

The energy sector has recognised the importance of diversity and inclusion for the success of the industry. As it stands, women and ethnic minorities are significantly under-represented with women making up just 32% of the global energy sector workforce, and ethnic minorities only accounting for 22% overall

More than 135 energy companies have joined forces to make a public commitment to increase diversity and inclusion in the sector  by signing up to the ‘Equal by 30’ pledge for equal pay, equal leadership, and equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030’. 

Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive of Ofgem said:

“The entire energy sector, including Ofgem, needs to transform to foster truly inclusive and equal workplaces, with diverse views represented and embraced, and diverse talents nurtured and promoted.

“This is not a ‘nice to have’, but fundamental to our success. It will ensure we serve all energy customers effectively and lay out a cost-efficient pathway to tackling climate change that meets their needs.”

This signals a positive change in the industry, asserting its place as a forward-thinking and outward-looking sector – an attractive prospect for the best talent. 

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