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Powering the people behind tech and innovation

We collaborate with world-leading companies to identify exactly the expertise they need, exactly when they need it.

There’s no point investing in tech without the skills to back it up.

The technology industry is evolving at a rapid pace. For organisations determined to grow, we build agile, multi-talented teams who can help you stay one step ahead.

Work with us to access:

  • Future Talent
  • Project Talent

Build talent for the future

Staying ahead means building and retaining the next generation of talent. We attract, identify, and develop high-performing talent at our FDM Skills Lab, helping businesses bridge the digital skills gap and build long-term internal capabilities.

  • Over 25,000 FDM Alumni
  • 3000+ new careers launched annually
  • 200+ clients worldwide
  • 18 global centres
  • Independently accredited courses 
  • Continuous L&D and support
  • Globally recognised for diversity and inclusion

Power project deliveries

We believe in the power of diversity, experience and mindset. This is what distinguishes us and drives our clients’ projects forward in unique ways. From discovery to design and delivery, power your projects with FDM consultants.

  • Business, technology, data and regulatory services
  • Global presence with local delivery talent
  • Scalable solutions
  • Results oriented
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Build and retain the next generation of talent with us