What does a Software Test Analyst do?

John Smith

Millions of people head to work every morning to get started on checking things off their to-do lists and finishing projects before their deadlines. They all have their own role in their own department within their specific industry; but when asked what it is they do exactly, people tend to sum up their job quite ambiguously with a couple of lines that serve only to further confuse the inquisitor. When it comes to the IT industry, the technical terminology effortlessly thrown around, including role titles and explanations, can seem to the less tech-savvy like an entirely different language, making it that much harder to decipher what their daily role could possibly consist of.

The FDM Graduate Careers Programme offers a training pathway that prepares graduates to be placed on site with our clients as Software Test Analysts, often also referred to as Software Testers or Software Test Engineers. So the big question is – what do Software Test Analysts actually do?

Software Test Analysts are tasked with testing the operation of a system or application under controlled conditions in order to evaluate the results. In other words, Testing can be regarded as the process of validating and verifying that a program, application or product meets the business and technical requirements.

The Testing process takes place throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle to identify errors that have been made during the development phase; mistakes can be expensive and even dangerous so the quality and thoroughness of the Testing is of the utmost importance. Testing also helps to ensure that the quality of a product is high and that that customer can rely on and be satisfied with the application. It is important to ensure that the application does not result in any failures as making changes in the later stages of development can lead to avoidable expenses and delays.

FDM Consultants who are on site in Software Test Analyst roles have worked on high profile projects with the likes of HSBC Retail, Wincor Nixdorf, Asda and The Met Office. Most notably we have Consultants working with Barclays on the Testing function for their mobile banking application, checking it for faults and bugs. We have also worked very closely with The Home Office and our Software Test Analysts have been involved in projects testing the passport scan and facial recognition software used in airports across the UK.

By joining the FDM Graduate Careers Programme and training to be a Software Test Analyst you will learn how to write detailed test procedures and apply them in order to verify the overall quality of a product. You will also be able to understand the differences between Agile Project Methodology, and the more traditional Waterfall/V Model of approach. Working with a Software Development Team on site you will use Manual or Automated Testing to ensure optimum quality and practical functionality.

This role requires Consultants who are great problem solvers and have a keen eye for detail. They are able to absorb themselves in a project and enjoy the challenges and processes involved, and make sure they are flexible, eager, and can easily adapt to change. A career in Software Testing opens the door to a number of job roles in terms of career progression including Test Manager, System Administrator, Defect Manager, Automation Test Analyst, Performance Test Specialist, Release Test Analyst, Digital Analyst and User Acceptance Test Analyst.

If you are interested in becoming a Software Test Analyst working on site with our renowned clients on exciting projects and using cutting edge technology, apply now to the FDM Graduate Careers Programme.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay

Updated 14 June, 2019