Training in Singapore with FDM Group’s Graduate Programme

John Smith

The following was written by FDM Singapore’s Murex Trainee, Filzah Aziz, who shares her experience with FDM Group’s Graduate Programme.

After hearing back from FDM Singapore’s graduate recruiter that I had passed the final interview, I was elated.

Upon graduating from university, I wanted a technical role and I thought joining FDM’s Graduate Programme as a MX.3 (Murex) Production Support Trainee was the perfect fit. Having come from an engineering background, it was important that I use the skillset that I developed during my studies. At the time, I did not have any prior knowledge of the financial world and its instruments, but through FDM’s training in Singapore, I managed to quickly pick this up.

I have always had an interest in how things work. Outside of my work with FDM, I sail. As boat repairs tend to be expensive, my crew and I would attempt to do maintenance or repair work on the boat ourselves, as much as we can. We would research online on how to do certain repairs while the others were done based on trial and error, and reverse engineering. The satisfaction comes when we had figured out the problem and fixed it to how it was before, If not better. My curious mind, wanting to know the how’s and why’s, is what made training in the Murex stream most enjoyable to me. I find satisfaction in learning how the systems work which is what attracted me in the first place.

Through hours of training, I’ve managed to enhance my systematic way of thinking, developing my problem solving skills further. I formed an incredible camaraderie among colleagues who share a similar mind-set and goals, which made me comfortable in the working environment. FDM has created an effective learning environment that allowed me to work in a team setting to solve simulated problems in order to understand the financial world, and its instruments, better. This in turn helped me familiarise myself and gave me more confidence about the world of financial technology.

On top of the intensive training that was received, FDM had dedicated trainers flying in from the New York and London Centres to provide training specifically on the Murex platform. They patiently trained us, imparting knowledge from their own experiences and providing tips on the nook and crannies of navigating through the software.

FDM’s comprehensive training from pro skills to Murex specific classes were very helpful in easing us fresh graduates into the working world.

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Updated 11 September, 2019