Trainee to Account Manager: My FDM Glow-Up

John Smith

FDM’s global presence provides our trainees, consultants and staff with the chance to refine their tech skills and talents while traveling the world. Saiid Ghahreman joined FDM Group as a trainee back in 2016. Now based in Frankfurt as an Account Manager, Saiid explains how his experience on both sides of the FDM model helps him in the day-to-day running of his role and how he can relate to what clients and trainees should expect from FDM as a personal investment.

What attracted me to FDM was the chance to broaden my technical skill set and gain access to a world-wide client base, which I knew would ensure a smooth start to my IT career. In January 2016, I started my FDM journey in Frankfurt in the Project Management stream. I was able to travel to FDM’s London centre to complete my training before taking an internal role as FDM Frankfurt’s Business and Sales Analyst. In January 2018, I moved into my current, full-time role as an Account Manager.

Like any challenge in life worth completing, there were some times during training when I’d hit a wall. I struggled a bit with FDM’s technical courses, but the great thing about FDM is their strong focus on agility and teamwork. I saw this first-hand, when technical-savvy trainees in the academy would make themselves available to help their fellow novices through the difficult bits. Additionally, FDM’s trainers always provided a space where it was okay to ask questions and gain knowledge in a way that suited each individual best.

My opportunity to work in-house came when I met a member of the FDM Sales team during their on-site visit to my first placement. When it comes to placing trainees and consultants after their academy training, we want to make sure that wherever they go, will be the most beneficial placement for their career progression. For me, the in-house team saw my strengths and asked me whether I would be interested in working in-house for FDM Group in Frankfurt. Their idea involved me supporting FDM’s Account Managers and internal sales team in various ways. I continued to work hard and carve out more of a space for myself and I started taking on more tasks, roles and responsibilities. I made my name well known in Frankfurt and I branched out to offer help throughout our worldwide centres.

I’ve gone full circle from a trainee to an Account Manager, and my past experience with FDM helps me level with people currently going through the programme. When I have the opportunity to speak to clients about the FDM model, including what the training looks like and what they can expect from consultants, I can speak from personal, first-hand experience of how FDM can launch an inspiring tech career.

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