The FDM Journey

John Smith

In 1991 FDM was born in an attic, with one computer and two phones. Now, as I sit here in one of our newest centres in Australia reflecting back to those early days in Brighton, it seems like a world away.

Initially, the company started as “FDI” and focused on IT recruitment until 1995 when we acquired Mountfield Software – hence was born the “M” of what became FDM. Mountfield trained and deployed entry-level IT staff who were affectionately referred to as ”Mounties”;  this term is a part of our legacy and is used still to this day to refer to our consultants at FDM and throughout many of our clients’ sites. In the early 90’s FDM offered a single training programme on Informix 4GL, which took six months to complete! We had a long way to go to refine the business model as we know it today.

Now, as the market leader in the Recruit Train Deploy sector, FDM launches the careers of thousands of people every year throughout the world in a number of disciplines in IT and business. We have grown with the industry over the years and are able to quickly respond to market changes and demands, something which has been key to our success.  Our pipeline of talent has expanded from graduates to also include ex-forces personnel and those looking to return to work after a career break. Our workforce continually grows in diversity, both in terms of cultural background and life experiences. These differences are what make us stronger as one and all FDMers around the world are united by our shared purpose, which has remained consistent throughout our history: to create and inspire exciting careers that shape our digital future.

Technologies and in-demand skill sets change with the times, but one thing remains constant: our clients want promising people with talent, a willingness to learn and those who go the extra mile – all qualities which have become synonymous with FDM’s Mounties. Our people are the embodiment of our core values which underpin everything we do.

Every day I wake up excited about the way FDM changes the careers and the lives of so many people around the globe. As we move forward with new centres in places like North Carolina, Texas, Birmingham, Cardiff and beyond, I look forward to welcoming many more tech enthusiasts in to the FDM family.

Are you interested in training in a career in IT or business analysis? You can do so on our award winning Graduate Programme, Ex-Forces Programme or the Getting Back to Business Programme.

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