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FDM Group’s Interview Questions: Our Top Tips

John Smith

To date, the FDM Academy has helped over 2,500 individuals launch their IT career through our unique Academy Programme. By combining specialised IT training with high-profile roles in prestigious organisations, FDM has created a unique formula for career success. FDM is able to enhance your technical skills, business skills and commercial awareness, bridging the gap between university and employment. We are committed to giving you the best possible start, by preparing you well and supporting you throughout your new career. If you are interested in applying for the FDM Academy Programme but have a few questions, this list of ten frequently asked questions should help:

1. Where will I be working on completion of my training? On completion of your training you could be working across the UK, Mainland Europe, USA or Asia. You do not have to work internationally, but we have plenty of opportunities for those who wish to do so. Find out more in our Where You Will Work section and check our entry requirements in our Suitability section.

2. What companies will I be working with? You will be working with our clients, such as: HSBC, UBS, BSkyB, Credit Suisse, Betfair, Swiftcover, The AA and many others. You may end up working at the same place for the whole two years, or you may be placed on various client sites throughout that time.

3. Is it essential for me to have an IT degree? FDM accepts graduates with a range of IT related degrees such as Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Electronics. A technical or numerical science degree will often have taught you the basic skills you need to get through our assessment process. However, if you have gained IT experience outside a non-IT related degree, you may find it worthwhile coming along to an assessment session and seeing how you get on. Business, Economics and related degrees are also considered, especially for our PMO stream.

4. Which IT courses do you offer? We currently provide training in Java Development, .Net Development, Testing, Infrastructure, Application Support and Project Analysis – the streams available differ according to location. Additionally, all trainees receive soft skills training whilst on the programme.

5. If I have to relocate for a placement, what support will I receive? When travelling for interviews with our clients, we will cover your travel and accommodation costs if necessary. Once placed with our client, if relocation assistance is necessary, we will review on a case-by-case basis. We may also be able to help find host families if you require. Whilst on site, your Account Manager and Service Head will keep in touch with you and will help make your transition as simple as possible. You will also receive regular communication with FDM, keeping you up-to-date with company news and being included in company events.

6. How soon after passing the assessment can I come into the Academy? It would depend on how full our training centres are, but often you can start in-house the following week.

7. Can I do the training part-time or from home? Training takes place in-house at our Academies and is full-time, Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm. This is for a number of reasons; the programme is classroom based, intense, and will need your full commitment; it is an important part of getting used to working in a office environment; and it is useful to build relationships with the sales team, marketing department, your trainers and your service head. Most importantly, we need to be able to speak to you very quickly when opportunities come up for placements. Our clients often come into the office as well, to see the Academy and meet those in training.

8. What if I have already gained the accreditations or certification available on my training? Our training is able to accommodate that. You are more likely to get through the training faster if you have more experience, and when the trainers can see you are ready to go out on site, they will sign you off.

9. After the two years of work provided, what options would be available? People take several different paths after completing their two years, including:

10. Do I get paid during my time with FDM? The training period at our FDM Academies is unpaid (usually 8-16 weeks depending on the stream you train in), however during the two years of placement on client sites you will receive a competitive salary. For more information on the FDM Academy, browse our website and if you would like to apply then visit Apply page to submit your CV. If you have any questions that are not answered above then feel free to post your questions below and one of our team will answer them.

Updated 17 October, 2011