Career Advice

Passion, Purpose and the Pursuit of Success and Happiness

John Smith

We’ve always said that anyone can pursue a successful career in tech if they have the right passion.

But to really grow as an individual, is there something else that’s more important?

‘Following your passion’ is at the core of the personal development industry, which has an estimated annual global market value of around $40Billion. (Yes, “B”). Though, if you’re not sure where next month’s rent is coming from or you don’t have a support network, you may find you’re a little distracted from that passion pursuit.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The ‘hierarchy of needs’ theory is a concept explored by American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, in a 1943 paper titled, ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’.  Usually depicted as a pyramid, this hierarchy comprises levels with specific types of need that must be met before one can advance to the next level.

For instance, the foundation level is ‘Physiological’ – the basic needs that keep your body functioning; food, water, oxygen etc. The theory being, as long as your mind is occupied with trying to fulfil these fundamentals, you cannot progress to a higher tier.

When you reach the point where this is no longer a concern, however, you can begin the ascent to the peak level: self-actualisation.


Self-actualisation is the nirvana of personal development; the ultimate goal, but it is elusive both in definition and achievement.

It has been described as the full realisation of one’s potential, where your creativity and self-expression through your passion to the best of your abilities, peaks. It is, supposedly, the attainment of this state that can provide your complete sense of happiness and fulfilment, while material gains are merely a by-product.

Oddly, self-actualisation sounds like some distant goal while its true achievement is much closer to home. Breaking it down: self/you, the individual. And: actualisation/making real.

It’s like taking the ancient Greeks’ maxim: Know thyself and adding a next step: Be thyself. ‘Realising’ who you are in every sense of the word.

You and Your Passion for Tech

The other thing we’ve always said is that when we help you launch your dream tech career, we’re with you every step of the way. Just have a look at all the ‘hierarchy of needs’…

1. Physiological needs

Even students have bills to pay. From the day you’re accepted into the FDM Academy, you’ll receive an income. You can complete your training in all the essential technical and professional skills free from those basic concerns.

2. Safety

The security of your physical and psychological health is paramount to us. We have a comprehensive programme of initiatives including the Employee Assistance Programme designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could affect your home or work life, health, and general wellbeing.

3. Belonging

It can be difficult feeling motivated to succeed without a sense of belonging. We have many ways to ensure you always feel part of the FDM community. Our dedicated Consultant Experience Partners and Wellbeing Ambassadors are in regular contact to provide guidance and support. There are monthly virtual events, social get-togethers, employee-led FDM Networks, and more – you are never alone.

4. Esteem

We recognise the importance of knowing you’re making a significant contribution and that you’re growing and advancing. Our client partners work in a wide range of industries who highly value your problem-solving abilities. You’ll be using next generation tech tools to make a real difference in areas from cyber security to climate change.

5. Self-actualisation

A key aspect of the FDM Graduate Career Program is how our recruiters really to get to know you so they can steer you to the stream that best suits you. They understand that by defining your individual passion and your ideal purpose, you can become all that you are capable of becoming.

Personal ‘Development’

The better you get at identifying your higher needs and ensuring those needs are fulfilled positively, the more you increase your chances of success.

Who you are can change and that’s not just fine, it’s inevitable. Indeed, the desire to change is just as important a part of who you are – it’s called progress. Self-actualisation isn’t so much a destination as a journey. And wherever your career journey takes you we’re here to help, every step of the way.