A New Life in Paris

John Smith

Rayhan Ahmed trained in our London centre on the Risk, Regulation and Compliance programme in June 2017. Now placed at BNP Paribas in Paris, he shares his experience of living and working abroad.

I graduated from Essex University with a degree in Banking and Finance and through further study gained a professional accreditation from the London Institute of Banking and Finance. Upon completion I joined FDM‘s Graduate Programme.

There were three reasons I joined FDM; the first being their exposure to the IT industry and the clients they work with. Secondly, the ability to learn through FDM’s extensive training which is fast paced and challenging. Finally, the opportunity to work abroad has always been something that I have been interested in. FDM have some fantastic international opportunities which was one of the main reasons I joined.

Following my training in the London centre I began my placement at BNP Paribas in Paris as a Documentation Analyst for OTC Conformations. I was excited to start this position as it gives me fantastic experience at a leading financial institution. It also gives me the secondary benefit of learning a language which is a great life skill and allows me to further develop myself. FDM also provide French language lessons for me which has really helped in adjusting to my new life.

Prior to starting on-site and relocating to Paris I was slightly apprehensive about the language barrier and leaving the UK and everything I knew. However, this was unfounded, my colleagues are very helpful and everyone is very friendly! The exposure and experience I’m getting is fantastic, the training is very comprehensive and I am learning even more than I ever expected.

Transitioning to Paris

The role I was relocating to Paris for had a immediate start so from when I interviewed to moving to Paris, was six days. That is a very short time when you are moving your whole life to a new country. However the transition was very smooth and FDM supported me in finding accommodation and settling into both Parisian work and home life.

I would certainly recommend others to take consider international roles. FDM provides support in relocating and the benefits outweigh the challenges.

My top tip is to maintain communication with the support teams at FDM, don’t feel like you are alone. Since starting on-site I have received continued support from FDM.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Alexander Kagan on Unsplash