My Career Journey as a QA Analyst

John Smith

Each year thousands of trainees enter our academies. We like to keep up to date with all of our FDMers to find out how they are getting on both during their training and after their two years with FDM has been completed. Shubhank Shelke is an FDM consultant currently placed on-site as a Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst at TD in Toronto and we caught up with him recently to find out more about his career journey.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Charotar University of Science and Technology in India, Shubhank moved to Canada where he received his post-secondary diploma in Information Technology from Humber College with a major in Databases. After graduating, he began his search for job opportunities in the IT industry. After coming across FDM’s Careers Programme, which offers hands-on experience in the latest technologies, he immediately applied.

Shubhank joined the academy on the Quality Engineering stream in August 2018 and he was placed on client site during the first week of December 2018.

As a QA Analyst at TD, he has a variety of duties. His major responsibilities include querying databases to extract test data which meets the system’s requirements, analysing the requirements to develop test plans and test cases and working closely with the BAs and BSAs to understand the business and systems. Shubhank is truly enjoying his time at TD as his team are “highly supportive and welcoming” which is why he felt part of the team in no time and was able to grasp his team values and culture. Speaking about his projects at TD, Shubhank says he feels challenged whilst still being able to maintain a good work-life balance. The hard work pays off as Shubhank was recently recognised with a ‘WOW Moment’ for his outstanding dedication and effort on a recent project release.

According to Shubhank, his favourite thing about his time in FDM’s academy was the “exposure and hands-on experiences working with the latest technologies” which helped to build upon the knowledge he gained in school. Shubhank also enjoyed participating in the Friday games which offered an opportunity for some healthy competition between trainees. He also highlights the importance of the rich and diverse culture at FDM as it makes it easier for employees to be a part of the team. Shubhank’s colleagues and mentors at FDM helped him to learn, grow and discover his potential. When asked if he would recommend FDM to others, he replied with “a definite yes because FDM has a technologically and culturally rich experience to offer all their employees.” He also mentioned it was the “right platform to launch your career as a novice and a great workplace to gather professional experience.”

Are you interested in jump-starting your career with FDM? FDM currently has many business and technology opportunities available in various locations across the globe.