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Harris Beckenham take on FDM’s Programming Day

John Smith

Our Diversity and Inclusion team work with schools across the UK to introduce the world of business and technology to growing minds. As part of our Schools Engagement Strategy, FDM aims to impact young people in a meaningful way and to give them a feel of what the commercial world is really like.

Recently, our London centre hosted programming workshops for 26 computer science students from Harris Academy Beckenham over the course of two days. The technical session focused on showing these students how real programmers tackle and solve problems in the workplace. As a result of attending, the students were able to consolidate their understanding of Scratch and Python programming languages in preparation for their GCSE exams this summer. Scratch is a platform which was aimed to improve the students understanding of the fundamental concepts behind functions used in coding, and Python, a language taught here at FDM, illustrates how to store code information in multiple ways.

The students were introduced to two of FDM’s beached consultants Charity Tafirenyika and Tori Ogundimu. Beached consultants are FDMers who have recently finished their placement on-site with one of our clients, and are working towards securing a new placement. Charity and Tori stepped into the class to share knowledge of their journey on the FDM graduate programme. The pair demonstrated how being here has opened doors for them to work with some of the biggest companies in the business and tech sector. This, followed by a tour of the London office, resonated with the 16-year-olds who were already thinking about their future.

As part of the FDM’s commitment to promoting social mobility, we also engage with schools across Leeds, Glasgow and Brighton. This is to ensure our mission of inspiring young people to pursue a career in IT and business everywhere is fulfilled.

Find out more about FDM’s community activities here.

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