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Getting Back to Business CV Advice: Keep it Concise

John Smith

As part of our Women in IT initiative, FDM recently launched our Returners Programme to help those who have taken a career break re-enter the workforce.  Since the launch of the programme in 2016, we have helped numerous individuals restart their careers. We recognise that our Returners are an amazing asset to our clients, however, many face difficulties when returning to the workplace. Some have a lack of confidence and others a degradation of skills, not to mention the negative perception of a career break hiring managers have. At FDM, we help our returners overcome those problems.

We sat down and spoke with Melinda Dixon, a trainer in the London Academy, about her role in the Returners Programme and how she is helping the returenrs prepare for the world of work once again.

“My name is Melinda Dixon and I am very fortunate to work with all FDM Returners Trainees in their first week with the Academy. During this time, we focus on professional skills which centres around critical areas of communication, presentation and of course rebuilding confidence.  We also tackle the practical aspects of getting back into the job market, including writing a CV and undertaking an interview.

One of the most common mistakes I come across when candidates write a CV is that there is too much information. Career achievements and transferable skills are lost in the volume of wordy text.  For an experienced person, a CV of two to three pages are sufficient as most potential employers do not have the time to look through anything longer.”

My top tip for writing a CV would be to keep it concise:

Remember, having a career break doesn’t mean doing nothing. If you have been active, think about how your recent work and activities can demonstrate your capabilities. Showcasing this on your CV will smooth your way back into the job market.

Click to find out more information about our Returners Programme and how FDM can assist you in returning to the workplace after a career break.