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Getting Back to Business Assessment Day

John Smith

The FDM Getting Back Business Programme (GB2B) is going from strength to strength and we are delighted to be expanding into Scotland this summer.

The FDM recruitment process consists of three main stages; CV screening, a telephone interview with a dedicated recruiter and finally an assessment day.

Having successfully completed the phone interview Lana was invited by her recruiter to an assessment day in the London Academy. She says “I was very excited. It felt like the beginning of a new adventure.”

As it was her first experience of an FDM assessment day and having heard it was quite challenging, she was unsure what to expect.  Here she walks us though the assessment day to help you prepare for the next steps in re-entering the workforce.

There were 10 participants. We were invited to a conference room and given a warm welcome by the Academy manager and GB2B manager. They walked us through the assessment day agenda, GB2B programme, training details, and the placement process. We each then had a couple of interviews with Account Managers and academy staff. The atmosphere was very relaxing and encouraging and my nerves slowly disappeared. After lunch we had an aptitude test for an hour. At the end of the day we were divided into two groups and given a case to discuss, to come up with the best option, and to present our findings.

The aptitude test was unexpected. It had multitude questions which were unrelated to my previous career and experience. Most of the questions are common sense so you cannot really prepare for this.  As for the group task, I really enjoyed being able to work as a team and incorporate others’ ideas and input into the end solution.

I would say to other applicants to be confident, open to new experiences and simply enjoy the day.

If you are looking to re-enter the work place and think you would benefit from training in our Getting Back to Business Programme apply now.

Featured image credit: Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash 

Updated 17 May 2019