Returner to Work Career Advice

FDM Returners Success Stories: Sabeen Ovichegan

John Smith

How did you find about FDM and why did you decide to join?

My cousin had mentioned the FDM Returners Programme when I was contemplating returning to work. I applied and joined the returners programme in September 2020 after I had taken a two-year career break to care for my mother. What appealed to me about programme, was the fact that it offered training with industry certifications as well as a chance to work in some of the most coveted global organisations.

How did you find your FDM experience and training?

During our time in the Academy, the classes were scheduled in a way that allowed many of the parents to do the school run without impacting their training and attendance. There was also a lot of flexibility around studying with training done virtually, which allowed for a great balance between personal life at home and work life. FDM was very accommodating to our needs as returners and I know my whole training cohort felt we got the support we required.

In terms of the learning, it felt great getting back to studying and acquiring industry certifications (Scrum, Prince2 and Business Analysis) were a real bonus and created such a great sense of achievement.

I also had the opportunity to attend some of the regular virtual events that FDM runs, which provided a good way to connect with the wider FDM Community. The webinars cover a broad range of topics from upskilling on Excel to an opportunity to learn sign language with their Unique Network. Learn more about the FDM Employee Networks.

FDM has a very open, supportive and visibly diverse culture. During my time here I have seen this diversity embraced and celebrated by the management and consultants alike. What truly stands out at FDM is the support structure it offers during and in between placements through its very active and engaged mentoring and training programmes.

What’s your current role and how does it play a part in the day-to-day running of the business?

I secured my first placement with a global bank before the training even ended. I am placed as a Global Change and Implementation Lead and during the critical phase of the project, I double hatted as the Project Manager as well. I consider myself lucky in that I was able to apply my newly minted learning into the practical world right away.

I recently completed a “Future of Work Programme”, which involved not only the conventional project change and implementation components but also required review of policies and bringing consistency of user experience and harmonisation at a global level.

Which aspect of the FDM training did you find the most beneficial in your role?

I have to say that the FDM training, while it was challenging to complete, it did equip me with the right skillset to perform on the job from day one. Almost all the technical and non-technical tools I learned during my training, I applied to my new role. The successfully completed Project Management training and the Scrum Agile module proved to be the most beneficial.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was getting my confidence back. The FDM team, including the trainers, programme staff and account managers were all there to guide, support and encourage me. They helped me get my confidence back and made me believe that I could perform well in my new role.

If you’re looking to restart your career in tech or business, check out one of our dedicated careers programme.The FDM Returners to Work Programme is designed to help people just like you step back into a rewarding career with exceptional training programmes to revamp your skillset, as well as work placements with our industry-leading clients.