FDM Interns of the UK

John Smith

Last month we welcomed 11 bright individuals to FDM, they are now working over the summer in departments such as HR, Marketing, Sales and the Academy. An internship is a great way to provide students with experience as well as giving them the chance to make connections, strengthen their CV’s and assess their interest and abilities.

Working within the Sales department


Dominic Smith - FDMDominic Smith (London office, UK)

Sales Intern, studying Politics at the University of Leeds

“My responsibilities include assisting the sales team with daily tasks, shadowing meetings with consultants, and analysing CV’s which are best for a certain role. I am tackling sales department projects, along with a cohesive intern project in which we will develop an app that can be used at each stage of a person’s journey with FDM.”


Kianna Leader - FDMKianna Leader (Leeds office, UK)

Sales Intern, studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics PPE at Nottingham University

 “My main role is to research the industries which FDM currently has clients’ in and track their current relationships to see if there are any other directions I think the company should be going in. It is very researched focussed, with responsibilities that include finding contact names and numbers for potential clients, formatting consultant’s CV’s and helping the sales team with general tasks.”


Dillon - FDMDillon Lewis (Glasgow office, UK)

Sales Intern, studying International Business at the University of Leeds

“I have had the chance to go out and meet with a client which was a great experience. I travelled to Leeds to meet the other interns where we were briefed on the intern project, which I look forward to tackling in the coming weeks. I like how FDM is a sociable and enjoyable working environment and I have been given meaningful and challenging work to complete during these eight weeks.”


Millie Wild - FDMMillie Wild (London office, UK)

Sales Intern, studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Oxford

“I have joined a thriving sales team, helping them find new clients for the Austin Office which has just recently opened. During my time with FDM, I am hoping to increase both my technical and client awareness. I have begun to do this already by visiting clients and consultants on site. I would like to increase my technical knowledge of the industry, including a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the IT market and the potential scope for technology in emerging markets.”


Working within the Academies


Fiona Simons - FDMFiona Simons (London office, UK)

Business Intelligence Intern studying Maths at the University of Leeds

“Since joining FDM, I have been given the opportunity to undertake BI and SQL training which I am really excited about. Alongside this, I am working on creating a training course to teach Python for Data Science and develop a CV screening application which will be used by the sales team. I haven’t worked in an office before so everyone being really friendly has allowed me to settle in quickly!”


Matthew Foster - FDMMatthew Foster (Leeds office, UK)

Academy Intern, studying Business Management at the University of Manchester

“In this role, I have a lot of freedom as to what kind of responsibilities and tasks that I can undertake, which is especially important to me as I am open to various new challenges. Over the next eight weeks, I will get a taste of roles in other departments in the academy such as sales and recruitment, which should develop my overall understanding of the business.”


William Gitu - FDMWilliam Gitu (London office, UK)

Business Intelligence Intern studying Computer Science with Business Management at the University of Birmingham

“I am working within the London Academy in a technical role working alongside FDM’s other BI intern. Currently, I am working on a search application that will filter through numerous applicant CVs which will allow the recruitment team to select suitable applicants based against a criterion. I am also developing a python course for Data Science for a well-known client which will then be used as part of training workshops in Glasgow.”


Within Marketing

Fionna Strong - FDMFionna Strong (Glasgow office, UK)

Digital Marketing Intern, studying Business Management at the University of West of Scotland

“I have been given the task to write blog posts for FDM’s social media pages. I particularly enjoy meeting with the global marketing team, allowing the UK Academies to connect with the Global academies. I love the team atmosphere here; from my first day, everyone has been really friendly. I also enjoy how fast-paced the working environment is. Every working day always goes quickly as there is always something to do.”


Catherine Coumidis - FDMCatherine Coumidis (London office, UK)

Marketing and Events Intern studying Psychology with Business Management at the University of Sussex

 “I am currently working on two main projects, the first is organising the Paris Consultant Party and the second is a group project with ten other interns who are scattered across the country. At FDM there is very much an open door policy, it is great to be able to ask any questions I may have and be greeted with enthusiasm and a real desire to help further my understanding of the company.”   


Ryan Mortimer - FDMRyan Mortimer (Leeds office, UK)

Ex-Forces Intern studying Law at the University of Leicester

“My role at FDM is to assist the Ex-Forces department, particularly in marketing. My responsibilities consist of arranging meetings with current trainees to learn about their journey with FDM which allows me to create blogs for the website. From an Ex-Forces background, it is nice to be surrounded by people who also have previous military experience. The mixture of cultures and backgrounds here at FDM creates an interesting and diverse working community.”


Within HR

Jenna Haill - FDMJenna Haill (London office, UK)

HR Intern studying English and French at the University of Warwick

“I would like to gain insight into the workings of an HR department and have the opportunity to transfer and develop my current skills into a corporate environment. I am using this summer internship to see whether this sector is somewhere I would like to build a career in the future. I really want to gain a better understanding of how different aspects of a business work together and how different departments interact.”


We will be posting regular updates of how our interns are getting on throughout the summer on social media, why not take a look?

If you are interested in our summer internship programme have a read on the website here. Our applications will open during the first university semester so keep checking the website and your university career portal for updates!