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FDM Awards the 11th RSS Signal Regiment Top Instructors

John Smith

On Wednesday 5th September, FDM Group and The Royal Signals symbolised the strength of their ongoing relationship at the 11th Royal School of Signals – Signal Regiment Top Instructor Awards at Blandford Camp in Dorset.

FDM AwardsFor the third consecutive year, RSS Signal Regiment Instructors were selected as candidates to win the Top Instructor Awards as a result of their contributions within the training environment. It is a time when they are recognised and honoured for their ongoing commitments to delivering exceptional training within the Regiment. Here, their achievements are celebrated and they are awarded certificates, trophies, and prizes for their dedication and hard work.

FDM’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Brown, and FDM’s Global Head of the Ex-Forces Programme, Colonel (Rtd) Stewart Sharman MBE presented the awards, in front of around 60 attendees. 1st place saw Corporal Craig Metcalfe win a cash prize, Mr. McEvoy in 2nd, and Mr. Young in 3rd place. Congratulations to the three winners of the 2018 awards.

FDM StarCCO Andy Brown also discussed the importance of fulfilling and thorough training and aligned the similarities between FDM and the military training environments. In both of these spheres, it is ensured that all individuals are fully prepared to deploy and conduct their roles successfully in both the Commercial and Military Sectors.

Unsurprisingly, a large number of FDM consultants are Ex-Royal Signals. FDM continues to recognise the transferable skills ex-forces individuals bring to the table, which assist them with completing the programme successfully. With over 450 careers started since 2014, the programme continues to grow and FDM looks forward to sponsoring next year’s event and continuing the ongoing relationship with The Royal Signals.