From Backpack to Back to Work

John Smith

Just returned from travelling, a gap year or a career break and now trying to get back into the workplace? Here are our tips to help you go from backpack to back to work.

1. Refresh your CV and deal with your gap

Once you get home and are back into the job search mind set, remember to showcase new skills you have picked up as well as any voluntary or paid position you took up during your gap year.  Throughout your time off you will have gained skills regardless of what you did with the time.  Living or working abroad shows the ability to be flexible, a level of resilience to operate in a different economy and a desire to learn a different culture. These are skills that are highly desirability to an employer and should be reflected on your CV.

2. Make looking for a job your day job

Not only will this help you readjust to a work day schedule, but having a set time to concentrate on applications will improve their quality. Rushing applications rarely leads to jobs.

3. Keep yourself busy

Partaking in hobbies, volunteering or learning a new skill will help you readjust to being home. Using this time to develop strong transferrable skills will also benefit your CV and expand your network.  You may meet someone who can help you into a new career.

4. Use your network

Having had a gap year you now have an extended network – make use of it to help find a new role.  Just think of the number of people you have met throughout your time away and the number of connections that person has – there is a high chance someone in your new extended network can help you find your dream job.

5. Be aware of reverse culture shock

Transitioning from a travelling, exciting lifestyle to a nine to five work cycle can be difficult. Initially you are excited to be home, getting to see friends and family and enjoying familiar comforts. As this excitement wears off there may be feelings of boredom, anxiety and stress, especially if you are still looking for a job.  During this time it’s important to remember that it will get better and the longer you are home the more comfortable you will be there.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Pexels on Pixabay 

Updated 20 April, 2017