A New Leaf: My FDM Journey

John Smith

Marcelo Gagliano joined FDM in April 2018 and began his training in Project Management. He is currently placed on-site with TD as a Release Manager. Marcelo shares his story of travelling from Brazil to Canada and how FDM helped him start a new life in a new country.

I believe countless professionals across any industry have experienced the challenges posed by finding a job in a new market with no local experience or network to draw upon. I arrived in Canada from Brazil 567 days ago, which makes me a bit of a newcomer. When I got to my new home I was full of expectations, along with a bit of doubt and uncertainty on how to establish myself.

I came to Canada with nearly 15 years of IT experience, and saw that as my calling. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of delivering a solution that will positively impact others. I’m inspired by the way that technology has the ability to transform people’s lives, and I feel that with each new initiative I take on, I am helping to build a legacy.

During the first day of my job search, I tried to remember that while this experience might be difficult, staying calm and focused on opportunities that highlight my skills would help me succeed.

I then learned about FDM, and their Careers Program seemed like the perfect match for me. I was drawn to the fact that I’d receive the necessary guidance and support to help me adapt to Canadian work culture. FDM allowed me to work and gain experience in my field with a few different companies, some of which are globally recognised. FDM also provided me with an invaluable opportunity – to learn, establish myself and build a network of contacts.

Before I moved, I was apprehensive about the cultural differences in the Brazilian and Canadian work environments. One example of these differences can be seen in verbal communication. Language tends to be very descriptive in Brazil, whereas Canadians tend to speak more objectively. I was eager to develop proper communication strategies to adapt to my new work environment.

FDM helped me identify this and other differences in business customs, ensuring that I was properly prepared to excel in the Canadian workforce. In my role on-site with TD as a Release Manager, I’ve been able to apply these strategies while working on complex initiatives in areas ranging from Big Data to Mobile Applications.

I came to Canada with the expectation to stay, which wouldn’t be possible without a secure job to support myself and my family. Thanks to FDM, I am confident that I will build a great life here in Canada.


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