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Your Top Recruitment Questions Answered

John Smith

Every year the FDM graduate recruitment team meet hundreds of final year university students at different careers fairs around the country. It’s a great way to interact with those looking for their next career move after finishing university. The FDM Graduate Programme provides opportunities for graduates to launch their careers without the need for previous experience.

Our Technical Graduate Programme and Business Consulting Graduate Programme offer structured training to equip you with the knowledge, skill set and business thinking that many graduates otherwise feel they lack when starting out in their careers.

At each of these careers fairs our recruitment team are approached by candidates interested in our graduate programme and who want to find out more about the eligibility criteria for applying, scope of the programme, career prospects and more.

Here are some of the top questions we receive about our graduate programme with answers provided by our recruitment team:

How many people get jobs with you out of those who apply?

Last year 1,067 graduates started on our programme and we typically recruit 1000+ graduates every year. Most other graduate programmes have one or two starts per year. But at FDM we recruit all year round on a rolling-basis.

I don’t have a technology related degree. Can I still apply? 

The short answer is yes! You can absolutely apply to our graduate programmes even if you don’t have a technology-related degree. At FDM, the mantra we live by is ‘No STEM, No Problem!’ We welcome applicants from all degree backgrounds. We provide you with full training and support throughout your journey in the academy and can up-skill you in any of our technology related roles. All we ask is you have a clear passion for a career in tech and a drive to learn new things. Any coding or upskilling you have done in your own time is a bonus!

What helps a candidate stand out? 

You don’t need the highest grades in uni or extensive work experience to stand out as a candidate. At FDM, we look for potential in candidates and this potential is revealed through certain behaviours and attitudes.  

Understanding of FDM and the graduate programme

An understanding of FDM shows that a candidate has done prior research and indicates a genuine interest in our company and business. Research our core values and see if they relate to yours – this helps see if we are the right fit!  

At FDM we want to see candidates demonstrate our 7 core strengths and the best way to do this is by using examples from your experiences. This could include instances of part-time work in hospitality or retail, university projects, and any additional learning outside of university, such as upskilling courses.  

FDM’s Core Strengths:

Open mind

FDM works with a variety of different clients in different sectors. Don’t get stuck on a single client/sector and instead have an open mind to make the most of any opportunity. Be flexible and challenge yourself, perhaps a little out of your comfort zone, to develop professionally and expand your skill set. 

Willingness to learn

The first 6-14 weeks of the graduate programme will be training, so it is important to show a willingness to learn and develop skills. This training will set you up to be working with one of FDM’s many clients on real life projects. 

How will my professional development be supported?

As a Tech Industry Gold employer, we offer the very highest standards of tech training to ensure our FDM consultants are job ready and can have the best possible start to their career. You will have the opportunity to attain Foundation and Practitioner credentials as part of the Graduate Programme.

We have a dedicated Consultant Experience team who provide regular touch points to discuss any feedback and how FDM can support you in your career journey

You will also have access to LinkedIn Learning and our Knowledge Hub to support with your ongoing learning and development on the programme.

What can I do after my graduate programme?

The best part about FDM’s Graduate Programme is that we put our trainees in the perfect position for career growth. When your two-year commitment with FDM ends, there are a number of exciting options. You can stay with FDM and progress to become a Senior Consultant. You may also transition to the client as part of their permanent team.

Does FDM make any adjustments for applicants with disabilities?

Our recruitment process is designed to accommodate those from all abilities. Applicants who require any reasonable adjustments, such as extra time or alternative methods of assessment, are advised to speak with our recruiters.

What kind of support will I receive on the programme?

At FDM we are committed to promoting the overall well-being and professional development of our consultants. Our Employee Assistance programme is an initiative to provide 360-degree support to members of the FDM community. From legal advice, grievance counselling and more, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Consultants can also access career support and guidance from our dedicated Consultant Experience team. To support you on your professional journey, we provide access to virtual training, webinars, and LinkedIn Learning throughout your programme.

Our consultants have the opportunity to join one of our many staff networks. These are groups designed to provide community and a place for discussion around shared characteristics.

What do other consultants say about the programme?

Olumide Adesanya joined the FDM Business Analysis training programme in April 2022. He joined FDM on his cousin’s recommendation after relocating to the UK from Nigeria. Currently working as a digital product owner for a banking group he says, ‘it was beyond a dream come true for me because academically, I was coming from a non-tech background but I had a passion for IT and that was where I wanted to be.’

‘I dedicated my entire self to the 8weeks of training and came out with flying colours, aced all my tests and exams in just one attempt. I got placed in a company I ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to get into, getting hands-on experience and exposure to the best industry practices. This is a major WIN for me and I’m waiting to share my story with the world because I know it will definitely inspire a lot of people.’

Here are some more useful resources to help you with your graduate programme application:

So if you’re interested in launching an exciting career in business or tech join our award-winning Graduate Careers Programme.