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What is a Technology Consultant?

John Smith

What does a Technology Consultant do?

Technology Consultants play a vital role in the way businesses transform their use of technology. A Tech Consultant has the opportunity to get involved in a range of exciting projects to help businesses keep pace with the ever changing world of technology.

Businesses may choose to use Technology Consultants for a number of reasons. Firstly, they can be beneficial when a business is interested in implementing the newest piece of business technology and needs advice on how to best transition their systems. Similarly, they might be necessary when a business is facing a particular challenge. A dedicated Technology Consultant knows the company inside out, therefore can assist employees and clients with any issues that may arise.

Working as a Technical Consultant is a very versatile role: each day will bring new challenges and provide many opportunities to learn new things and expand your skill set. This could be working in Software Development, Quality Engineering, DevOps, Software Testing or lots more. A Tech Consultant has the chance to get creative in their role and think outside the box to help improve business processes and make a real difference to help achieve business goals.

For instance, a business may have a good, working system however they believe they can make their customer journey even more efficient and improve customer experience. A Technology Consultant can provide insight and creative solutions as to how to do this effectively without disrupting the business in the process and delivering real, tangible results.

Some of the responsibilities of a Technology Consultant include: conducting training sessions for employees, reporting, resolving client issues, software testing, troubleshooting issues and developing innovative solutions that will drive growth.

Help clients reach their goals

When choosing a career as a Technology Consultant, you are taking on an important role that is vital to the success of a business. It requires much more than just tech skills. You need a comprehensive understanding of your clients business ambitions and are required to communicate and deliver bespoke solutions in order to reach their goals. This means you need to be a natural problem solver and should have excellent communication skills.

Working as a Technology Consultant is a rewarding experience and allows you to make a positive impact on businesses and their customers.

How to become a Technology Consultant?

If you’re passionate about technology and love to keep up with all recent advancements in the industry, then becoming a Technology Consultant could be just the role for you. Are you a people-person with strong analytical skills and a knack for problem solving? It’s never too late to start a career in tech!

At FDM, we offer acclaimed programmes that will equip you with the professional and industry-specific skills necessary to launch a successful career as a Technology Consultant with no prior experience. Our renowned programme begins with a training course, followed by invaluable hands-on experience working with industry-leading clients.

If you think a Technology Consultant career path is the right fit for you, check out our Graduate Programme or Ex-forces Careers Programme to find out more!


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