My FDM PMO Experience

John Smith

Coming from business/financial background I knew the only stream I could follow in FDM Academy was Project Management- the only that actually suited my expectations. The first email I sent to FDM was answered by their office in Frankfurt am Main which is where I am from, and so my first doubts were cast out and my interest intensified.

FDM Group puts focus on thorough training, which differentiates FDM from other consultancy companies. PMO training consists of multiple components, each of them ending in certification, either internal or provided by external institutions; this certification is more than added value to any CV. These components altogether, as well as the cross-functional knowledge gained, result in a high number of useful skills, and strengthened analytical thinking, time management ability and organizational spirit. Being an FDM PMO Consultant on site, I have realized that the training could also help me in following another career path in the future. FDM in that sense opens more than just one door.

The other thing that attracted me to FDM was the flexibility and their philosophy of being one global and global-thinking company. Starting my training in Frankfurt am Main with just a few German trainees (we actually built a small dream-team), I moved to London for next two months where I was warmly welcomed and joined my international colleagues to continue PMO training with them. FDM enables me to build up a great network of valuable contacts from different business areas. But above all, being with FDM at any stage (whether it’s training or being on site) is simply a fantastic cross-cultural experience!

Just before I was about to leave London I got offered an FDM placement in Switzerland!

This is where I am now: living in this small but picturesque country, working in the most international team for the leading Suisse Bank and facing new challenges every day in a changing environment as a specialist within the Global Messaging area. In other words, this is exactly what I wanted to do and what FDM provided me with: to work internationally, within international milieu, crossing my personal and international boundaries. And I know this is just the beginning because I’m continuously moving forward, collecting new valuable experiences and constantly improving my personal and professional skills, not only in IT but also in banking and working in an international cooperation.

Updated 16 April, 2012