My Experience as an FDM Marketing Intern

John Smith

These past three months at FDM has truly been an amazing experience for me. Throughout this internship, I have overcome challenging tasks, learned countless skills, gained truly valuable work experience and developed many meaningful relationships with FDMers that I believe will last long after my internship ends.

As a Finance major at McGill University, I always envisioned myself working within the financial sector for the entirety of my professional career. However, if I have learned anything from my time working at FDM, it’s the importance of keeping an open mind and exploring new opportunities when they arise. I am confident in saying that joining the Marketing Department at FDM was one of the best decisions I have made as a university student. With graduation fast approaching, I feel reassured that I am well prepared to begin my professional career thanks to all the experiences and skills I have gained at FDM.

Among the various responsibilities I was given as an intern, I especially enjoyed writing these bi-monthly articles for the blog. I was slightly intimidated at first when I realized that I would essentially have complete creative freedom when it came to the blog ideas but over time, I have come to really love sharing my thoughts and opinions with the online community. Writing was a great interest of mine back in high school and having the opportunity to re-discover this passion and further develop my skills as a writer is something that I am very thankful for.

As a Marketing Intern, I had the opportunity to learn from and work with different departments including Recruitment, Account management and the Academy. I participated in weekly strategy meetings with the Global Marketing team and collaborated with colleagues around the world on various projects and tasks. A typical day in the Marketing Department is hard to describe as every day is different. In addition to performing general marketing tasks such as managing job boards and responding to external enquiries, I also produced market research and analytics for the Account Managers, created reports on various marketing-related subjects and assisted with a number of external and internal corporate events.

Towards the end of my internship, I was given the option to receive technical training by joining a class within the Academy. I embraced this opportunity and joined the DevOps class during their SQL training. As someone with virtually no coding background, the learning curve was steep and frustrating at times. Nevertheless, I was determined to complete the intensive five-day course. Thankfully, with the support of my fellow classmates and extremely talented trainer, I was able to successfully complete the course as well as receive a passing grade on my SQL final project.

My favourite thing about FDM has got to be all the amazing people I have met in these past few months. From my co-workers to the trainees and consultants, everyone is so talented and passionate about their work. After bonding with my colleagues at consultant socials, after work functions, and collaborative projects, I truly feel as though I have gained a new family here at FDM.

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