My Co-op Experience at FDM

John Smith

The past four months at FDM Group have been extraordinary, to say the least. Throughout my Marketing internship, I was entrusted with various responsibilities which gave me the opportunity to enhance and broaden my skillset. Additionally, I was surrounded by hardworking and motivated individuals who were kind, fun and welcoming from the very beginning. Their work ethic and energy constantly motivated me to work harder and take initiative.

As the Marketing Intern, one of my major responsibilities was to write bi-weekly blogs for the FDM website. I was given complete freedom when it came to the topic and content of these blogs. As a student, you are often told what to do and how to do it. I found this task intimidating at first, but writing these blogs eventually became one of my favourite aspects of the internship. I used these blogs to explore and share my own interests with others. I tried to think of creative, tech-related ideas that would increase traffic to FDM’s website.

What made this internship truly unique was that it not only provided me with professional work experience in my chosen field, but it also gave me the opportunity to explore other fields of potential interest. I received the opportunity to shadow a few other departments such as Recruitment, HR, Sales Support and Account Executives to learn more about the responsibilities in those fields. I have always found it very important to explore other career paths ever since I switched my major after my second year of college.

Another cool aspect about working at FDM is that you get the opportunity to participate in the courses offered in the Academy. I chose the Excel course, as it was the most applicable for the data analysis work I did at FDM, and for my studies. I was able to apply these Excel skills to my data analysis project that I worked on continuously throughout my internship. Being the only female in my class, I was motivated to work even harder. Although the class was very fast-paced, the trainer was extremely talented and I ended up completing the course with the highest mark in my class. The course was very useful as I learned several new concepts that I could apply in the future, and I highly encourage everyone at FDM to take it.

Overall, this internship was truly enriching. I am going to miss the friendships, inside jokes, and the daily routine that I have become accustomed to the last four months. Working at FDM was truly an unforgettable experience and I would definitely recommend applying.

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