Life as a Software Developer in Singapore

John Smith

Many people automatically assume a career in tech translates to coding, complex formulas and a mandatory wealth of technical knowledge in order to be successful. This isn’t always the case, and FDM consultant YingHao who is based in Singapore is keen to stamp out preconceived thoughts like these about working in tech. YingHao went through FDM’s Software Development training course and has excelled in his on-site placement, despite not having prior professional experience in the industry. YingHao shared his story and his thoughts on why people should consider taking a leap into the tech industry.

As a self-taught developer, my programming skills were lacking in many areas. FDM’s Graduate Programme was the perfect way for me to sharpen my skills and prepare for my first role as a qualified Software Developer. Coming from a non-computer science background, I was worried that I would be at a disadvantage in comparison to my classmates. FDM’s training is thorough, and there’s no denying that there were challenging moments. However, as time passed and I remained focused on my end goal, I noticed big improvements in the work I was producing. Each week we were given projects to complete, such as developing our own web applications. These were challenging at times, but FDM’s trainers were always on hand to help and provide guidance.

Once I completed my training and I had learnt everything from SQL to Web Application design, I started my placement with a multinational investment bank in Singapore as a Software Developer. I was able to use everything I had learned in training to complete my day-to-day tasks, which made for an easy transition into my new role. As a Software Developer, I am responsible for building new features and fixing any bugs in the software I am working on.

My day-to-day routine begins with a daily stand-up between Business Analysts and fellow developers. During our meeting, we prioritise which features or bug fixes are a priority for that day. Tasks are shared out among my colleagues and we will discuss anything that needs to be flagged up. After the meeting, I usually spend the rest of the day coding the feature or bug fix which was assigned to me. Any task which is appointed to me will represent a unique problem. Having a creative mindset helps when working on these tasks, as I can think of unique ways to solve the issue. I find it satisfying when the change I have implemented has resulted in an improvement on the users’ experience.

Technology is constantly evolving, so there is never a dull day on-site. I am always learning new information. I’m currently focusing on enhancing my skills as a Junior Software Developer with the goal of moving into a Senior Developer role, and eventually, leading a Development Team. I think it’s important to know that to start a career in software development, you don’t need to come from a technical background.

As long as you have a creative mind, a passion for coding and you’re willing to put in the time and effort to improve your skills, you can have a successful career. If you are unsure about whether it is for you, try and complete a small coding project on your own. This should give you a clearer idea of whether you are truly passionate about software development and if you are ready to embark on a lifelong journey of learning.

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