Is 3D Printing the Next Step in Cosmetics?

John Smith

The cosmetic industry might not be the first that springs to mind when thinking of those heavily influenced by technology. However, cosmetics have been and are continuously revolutionised and effected by technology. The use of machinery has led to the rapid mass production of cosmetic products, as well as revamping the packaging and design process.

Now, the cosmetic industry is influenced by technology in a new way; perhaps different than how the industry had hoped. Next autumn will see the release of the world’s first 3D makeup printer, ‘The Mink.’ This device brings beauty to life by transforming any digital image into wearable makeup.

After users download the Mink application on their smartphone, they can upload an image of a makeup look they’d like to recreate. Users have the option to print the entire image or just a certain colour. The Mink prints off the image in 15 seconds, ready to use as eye shadow, blush or even a lip stain.

FDM Consultant Khadija Matheson-Webster kicks the ball during a soccer game in Hong Kong.
This might just be the answer to many problems that makeup users face. Foundation colour can be matched easily by uploading a photo of yourself. Locating the exact colour of lipstick a famed celebrity is wearing might now take a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to bulky makeup bags in your luggage – you can squeeze all your favourite shades on a piece of paper.

There are many positives to this invention, including lowering makeup costs of extortionately priced products. The Mink printer itself costs $395 USD, and pre-ordering will save you $100 USD. While the printer and the ink that is required are steep in price, the Mink app serves as an eco-friendly solution to eliminating much of the plastic used in cosmetic product packaging.

Will this be the future of the cosmetic industry? Will we see makeup produced solely this way moving forward? It sounds like The Mink could be a cost-efficient way to get any colour of makeup one desires at the click of a button.  Or it could serve as an expensive way of taking the fun out of the makeup industry. Let’s see what the future of technology holds.

Featured image credit: Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels