How FDM’s values make us a top graduate employer

John Smith

For the 5th consecutive year, FDM Group has been named one of the Top 100 Companies For Graduates To Work For by TheJobCrowd. As a graduate employer, this achievement is obviously a huge honour and quite humbling, but everyone at FDM knows it is due to the values we possess and portray throughout our company. FDM has had a record breaking 750+ employees start in the UK just this year. Also, 300+ employees started in the US this year so far, producing an amazing amount of growth and opportunity.

Ambition, collaboration, energy, inclusivity, professionalism, and growth

These are the values that shape our company. FDM sets the bar high when exuding professionalism and when leaving an everlasting impression.

“The FDM values continue to strengthen our company culture, and this delivers a multitude of benefits, especially when trying to attract and retain great talent nowadays,” said Nabila Aydin, VP of Global Marketing. “FDMers have a ‘one for all and all for one’ type attitude and this is what makes FDM such a great graduate employer.” This attitude not only makes FDM a unique company to work for, but it pulls together our employees to make it seem like family.

New York City’s Head of Veteran Initiatives, John Tansill, also had high praise for the values that define FDM’s company culture. “These values are at the heart of how FDM operates as a company and we fully expect our employees to embrace and work with these values in the Academy, on client sites and eventually throughout their entire IT career,” he said. “Our core values make FDM an outstanding place to work and truly inspire the employees to accept the rigors of the Academy as they become the next generation of IT and business talent.”

FDM’s dedication to ambition and growth provides an all-encompassing experience to new graduates just joining the workforce. The collaborative efforts of FDM team members produce quality candidates with limitless potential.

“Our values allow us to create a special learning and working environment for college graduates that simultaneously provides them with challenges and growth,” said Taylor Mitchell, Graduate Recruitment Consultant. “The main six values that we incorporate within FDM Group compose the heart of our culture here while the graduates we work with really encourage the pulse, the flow of those values throughout the company.”

One of FDM’s Academy Trainers, John Plunket, believes that the values are important to his everyday role.

“Collaboration is critical to a trainer’s job here at FDM,” he said. “So many of the topics we instruct are tied together that properly preparing a Consultant would be impossible without coordination between trainers.  If a student does not understand a basic topic, that person cannot advance to a deeper understanding of IT presented in the next session.”

FDM training is complementary to a university education because it covers different ideas and aspects of the professional environment. Elena Martinez, another FDM Academy Trainer, works the values into each class she teaches.

“The classes we hold at the Academy are different than school classes because they focus on collaboration in a way that university courses do not,” said Martinez. “It approximates the work world much more closely. It’s great for a new graduate to experience learning this way because it’s complementary to university learning. Students at university do not pursue professionalism because the setting does not permit it. A school passing grade is not sufficient in the work world. We try to model professional interactions among peers, professional writing, professional dress, and most importantly, professional performance of work tasks. It’s critical for a new grad to understand how these criteria are different than in academia.”

Committed to these values, FDM makes extraordinary things happen for graduates by creating and inspiring exciting careers that shape our digital future.

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