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From business intelligence to big data, data governance and data engineering, we provide expertise to support the full spectrum of data driven decision making. 

Using their skills with Microsoft and other technologies, from advanced Excel to Power BI, our consultants focus on improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and driving profits. Their skills range from consolidating data for streamlined analysis using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) techniques, and data visualisation, to facilitating your business’s data migration. 

Access our consultants’ data engineering capabilities to handle massive data sets using technologies such as Python, Hadoop, MapReduce and Spark. 

Elevate your project with our expertise

Our consultants are making a difference on some of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest data transformation projects, working to monitor fraud with top banks or streamlining large-scale cloud migrations with world-leading companies. 

Explore our data governance and data architecture services, where multi-generational consultants from our varied careers programmes bring diverse experiences to add value to your business.  

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